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GLA Spanish & Mandarin Chinese Language Programs

Global Languages Academy is one of the leaders in multi-level foreign language programs for children and adults. Our student-centered, wide-range selection of classes are designed with your busy schedule in mind. Join a pre-programmed class or create your own class (one-on-one or group).

Our speaking-focused lessons are rich in vocabulary that can be applied at home, school, work, and/or the community. Our GLA Online Platform and Language App reinforces your language skills between lessons. 

We invite you to explore each of our programs to find which program works best for you and/or your family. If you are interested in learning a new language other than Spanish and Chinese, please let us know. We would love to hear from you. 
  1. Young Multilingual Minds (Y2M) Building Blox
    GLA's Xciting™ Y2M Building Blox foreign language program is designed to build confidence in foreign language learning. Children's foreign language skills grow from single words to short, simple phrases and sentences. Ages: 30 months to 12 years old.
  2. Explore, Discover & Engage
    GLA's Xciting™ EXPLORE. DISCOVER. and ENGAGE is a multi-level, speaking-focused foreign language learning program aimed at developing children's communication skills through fun, theme-based units. Ages: 30 months to 12 years old.
  3. GLA Language Programs at Your School
    GLA's Language Programs at Your School is an excellent and convenient way to bring foreign language classes to your learning center or elementary school. Ages: 2 to 12 years old.
  4. Language Programs for Adolescents & Adults
    GLA's Language Programs for Adolescents and Adults are fully customize language programs. Participants can choose from an array of topic sessions, or we can tailor all or some sessions to meet your specific language needs.
  5. Summer International Language Immersion Programs
    Interested families can immerse in language learning in Guatemala or Chinatown-San Francisco. Parents and other interested adults can immerse in language learning in Guadalajara, Mexico.
  6. Xciting™ Youth Language Learning Summer Camps
    Beginning in the summer of 2017, GLA will offer half-day, week-long Xciting™ foreign language summer camps. Camps are for new students and currently enrolled students.